“When I Grow Up I Want To Be… A Nurse” Book Review

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When I grow up I want to be….a Nurse! by Wigu Publishing Book Review.  Part of the When I Grow Up series.

book review

       I am a mother of two children.  My daughter is 3 and my son is 10.  I always stress the value of education to my children.  In fact I am currently in school trying to finish my degree for elementary education.  So obviously being an advocate for education I believe that reading to, and with your children, from an early age is extremely important.  Not only is reading to and with your children important to build their vocabulary, and ready them for school, but it is also a wonderful time to bond!  I have been reading books with my 10-year-old son since he was a new-born.  We have developed a special bond surrounding books, and he has developed a great love of reading.  You should see his book-case, its overflowing with various books!  I knew when my daughter was born that I wanted to continue the tradition of reading with her as well.  In fact at her baby shower I requested my friends and family to send books instead of cards!  She also has a bookshelf in her room that is overflowing with books.

     Recently an opportunity presented itself where authors began asking me if I would review their books.  Seeing as I am a reviewer, and I am a book lover I decided it was a perfect fit!  I was super excited when Wigu Publishing sent me “When I Grow Up I Want To Be….a Nurse”.  My daughter and I sat down and read it cover to cover and really enjoyed it.

     The book is about a little girl named Amber (hey that’s my name too!!).  Amber gets injured while playing soccer and has to go to the hospital because her arm is injured.  The book follows Amber on her journey in the hospital.  We meet different people who Amber interacts with to diagnose, and treat her injured arm.  What I really enjoyed about this book was that we are with Amber every step through her journey.  I think this book would be beneficial in preparing children for an experience such as going to the hospital or getting a cast.  It explains thoroughly what the hospital workers were doing to Amber, and why they were doing it.

      I also really enjoyed that there were pages throughout the book that explained things in detail. These pages give definitions or in-depth explanations for things that children might not understand.  There is an explanation page for Nurse, The Emergency Room, Vitals, and a few other kinds of nurses.  My daughter being 3 years old was a little too young to understand the definitions.  She was mainly focused on the story.

     The artwork in the book immediately caught my attention.  The illustrations of Amber and her friends were vibrantly colored and drawn.  The background for each illustration was a real photograph.  It was a very neat contrast to see a cartoon illustration over a real photograph.  We really enjoyed how fun it was to see the different scenery in the story.

     I would totally recommend picking up this book for your child.  It is informative and entertaining.  Wagu Publishing actually has an entire line of When I Grow Up books that you can get for your child.  You can order this book through Amazon.com.

Here is the link to check out the entire Wagu Publishing When I Grow Up Series!



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